October 1, 2003

This was another evening of work that was a wide range of projects. I started by installing the phone line from the traffic signal box into the shop in the 3/4 PVC conduit reserved for it. This a direct burial telephone wire that has two pair of wire and a metal jacket. It has a goopy substance between each layer to provide a sealant in the event that the cover is punctured. I believe the phone guys call it "sticky pick" and it most certainly is sticky. I connected both pair using special 3M phone line connectors that are also gel filled to seal the wire from the air. The next project was installing the rain gutter that I have been working on.

I used a new bracket (new to me anyway) that I saw in a trade journal. This clip slips into the front and locks on the folded metal under the lip and then hangs over the back of the gutter. The screw runs through the back of the gutter and really hold the gutter firmly in place. I also cut a downspout to length and installed the elbows needed to complete the installation. I gave it a first coat of paint to match the siding.

The final project started a couple days ago when I removed the light fixture from the machine shed and took it apart to be cleaned and painted. I was able to shoot it with a couple coats of red and it should be ready to assemble and install tomorrow.

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