October 4, 2003

Today's work can be summed up with one word, batts. I started on the east side and worked over half the day on this side. Along with ripping these out of 1 X 12's, cutting each to length, and nailing them on I also caulked the batts that covered joints in the plywood to prevent moisture from getting to the seams. I would like to tell you that I would have moved much faster today if it had not been for the darn Lady Bugs. We have not seen too many this fall and all of sudden today they came out like gang busters. In fact at one point there were so many lady bugs flying through the air that it almost looked like a snow storm. I moved to the south side later in the day and was able to get all the batts on the side with the garage door. There are several batts under and beside the window that do not show up as well. I stained these before installing them so that I would not need to cut in around the window.

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