October 5, 2003

If yesterday was the day of the pesky lady bug today would certainly be the day of the biting knats. You know, those pesky little bugs that are so small you can barely see them but they bite so bad you can't ignore them. But I did not let them stop me from getting some work done. I started by installing 30 landscape retaining wall blocks around the LP tank foundation. I made it two rows high on the north and east sides and backfilled it with dirt to lock them in place. We will use washed river rock along the edge of the wall so that we can run past it with the mower. Following this little project it was back to the batts on the south and then the west side.

I ripped a piece of cedar and stained it before screwing it to the siding above the shop roof. I screwed it on with stainless steel screws so that in the future I can remove the strip to get to the shingles and flashing below it for replacement. I am using rough sawn pine for the batts, but I wanted cedar where it contacted the roof since it is rot resistant. I wasn't able to get the west side completed before I ran out time so will take that up towards the middle of the week.

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