October 11, 2003

The forecast for today included rain about noon and into the afternoon. So I decided I needed to get some dirt work done so it would settle with the rain. I completed all the filling on the east side and a little along the north side. I also got the air conditioner cut into the west wall of the office. This is a used unit but has very few hours on it so should last a long time. It is a little over sized for the office space but the price was right.

The picture below shows the installation from the inside. I will frame around it with trim once the walls are covered and it will be plugged into an outlet near the air conditioner.

The final project for the day was to start framing the wall between the garage and the office so that I can get the electrical service started. I have been running the building from the 14 guage wire all this time and it is getting tough to work it out now that I need lighting inside while I run other tools. I got 5 studs standing and then installed the panel and conduit that connects the power feed. Everything will be fed out of this panel and I will have plenty of extra conduits running to the attic for future expansions.

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