October 12, 2003

Today I decided it was time to complete the electrical service in the new shop. I started at the utility pole in front of the house. I needed to extend the old service wire that fed the house before we installed the new house service. It was inside the disconnect box but was too short to land on the new breaker. Once these were extended I made short work conecting the wires to the breaker and buttoned the panel up. I then went down to the new shop and finished attaching the feeders to the new panel and installed a temporary outlet below the panel. I was anxious to do more wiring be decided that the outside work was more important.

The next project was to clean up the outside corners I had made yesterday by scraping off the excess glue. Then I nailed them in place and caulked them. I also made my way around the shop and cauled all the areas that I had left in order to make progress on installing the batts. Sandy and I then stained the sounth wall by the garage and the east end. It will need more stain but will need to wait until next spring. Sandy did get the apron board stained on the rest of the south side along with the west end.

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