October 15, 2003

I got an early start this afternoon and worked on a single project. I wanted to finish the back filling on the north side that was interrupted by rain. I was able to move all the fill dirt along the north side against the building. This was laid in about 8 to 10 inches deep and tapered to the existing ground level. As part of this filling I had to move part of the rock pile out of the way and then later used it to fill over the plastic I laid down on the fill.

I also moved a concrete downspout block from behind the machine shed to act as a drain for the sump discharge. This block was originally located on the SE corner of the house when we moved here. I removed it as part of our house remodel and stored it behind the shed in hopes I would find a home for it later. The final step was to retrieve some dirt from the west side of the new shop to fill along the west side of the shop. This area won't get much more work as I need to build a deck here and have not decided what exactly I am going to do.

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