October 16, 2003

It was a beautiful fall day today, cool crisp air, no wind, and bright sunshine. It was a perfect late afternoon to work on the rock moat around the shop. I had to pick up more 6-mil black plastic to put down before the rock and when I got started it didn't take long to finish the north side. The rock is thick enough and covers enough of the plastic to work until spring when we will do some more fill with black dirt and then finish out the rock. The red arrow shos where the rock ends on the west end. I was most concerned about getting the north side done because there is no rain gutter on the roof and I didn't want the run-off to beat a trench in my fill.

I also worked on the southeast corner of the shop. This area will get more rock next spring, our plans are to cover it over to the retaining wall around the LP tank, but for now it is as far as I will go. I have about 12 feet along the east side to complete before we call it a season for rock work. We will need to pull rock from around the machine shed as the pile of rock is nearly gone on the north side. I wanted to get the pile removed before the winter weather closes in and makes the pile unmovable. You see this is right in the middle of the only approach to the well, and although we don't anticipate anyneed of getting a boom truck to it, we don't want to have it be a problem if we do have trouble.

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