October 18, 2003

What a wonderful weekend to put the finishing touches on the outside of the shop. The weather is nothing short of perfect with a light breeze, clear blue skies, and temperatures in the 70's. We both got outside and started with staining early this morning and by the middle of the afternoon we had all the stain applied to the batts. We also applied stain tp the pressure treated foundation plywood. This is a shade darker than the siding and although it looked great on the color chart it isn't exactly what we wanted. But it is finished for now and we will be staining the entire shop again in the spring to finish it up so will work on a better color match at that time.

While Sandy worked on the cutting down the raspberry canes I removed the combination door from the west side of the old shop and installed it on the west side of the new shop. This is the same style door that is on the front of the shop and both of these doors were first purchased and installed on the house. So we now have a permanent home for them and they will do a nice job on the shop.

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