October 22, 2003

We got back on the project today after being gone for a couple days. I just hate when regular work gets in way of fun work at home. Since it was later in the afternoon I decided there wasn't much time to get started with anything too big, so I decided to do some cleaning and moving of material from the machine shed to the new shop. It isn't often that I have taken a before and after picture of the new construction, but I thought for a reference it might be best to show the new shop prior to cleaning this corner, which will eventually be the office space. The picture below shows my cleaning efforts and the pile of studs that I carried from the machine shed.

I thought it might also be interesting to show the cleaning project that is ahead of us in the machine shed. The first picture shows the SW corner.

The last picture shows the SE corner. In both you will note a great deal of clutter, most of this clutter is left over material from the house project. Some of it will find its way into the trash and some of it will end up in the trash. We will be moving some of it to the concrete foundation next to the road with signs advertising it for sale or in some case FREE. I do plan on taking a substantial load of scrap iron to the scrap yard. We will have most all the steel siding and all sorts of other scrap that would be better recycled than thrown in the dump.

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