October 23, 2003

The best way to show the prgress tonight is to repeat the picture above from yesterday. I spent the project time this afternoon wading into the cleaning process on the machine shed. If you compare the picture below you will see that the pile of sheet goods stacked against the wall is gone. I sorted the good from the bad and moved the good stuff to the new shop. I then moved the material that I didn't have a use for to to the fire pile. I also removed a couple Dodge van sheets from the far corner behind the lumber pile and set them out by the road. It is my hope that someone may drive by and find a use for them.

I also hauled the 55 Gallon drum wood stove from the machine shed and moved it out by the road as well. Even though it doesn't look like it I made a great deal of progress and opened up some floor space so I can continue cleaning and start some piles of scrap metal. I need space for an aluminum as well as a steel pile since there is a great deal of both in the shed.

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