October 26, 2003

The temperatures sure dropped down to late fall levels overnight. I don't think it got above 50 all day and little or no sun to warm things up. But this didn 't prevent me from getting a major amount of cleaning done on the shed. As you can see in the picture above there is little left in the shed, this is the SW corner. I do have a pile of scrap copper and a pile of duct and elbows left form the changes we made in the house heating system. You can see the the other side of the shed is nearly as clean as the other. I started the day by ripping out the work bench that was located on the east wall (right beside the wheel barrow). The other material left is the scrap aluminum soffit material left from the house remodel. I did have the neighbor next door ask about this material so hope he will come over tomorrow and clean it out.

The picture below shows the west walk in door area after I removed the door. The door that was here was originally used on the house as a temporary door and will find a permanent home in the new shop as the door between the garage and shop areas. The next project for the shed is to remove the electrical system in preperation for demolition.

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