October 29, 2003

I got a late start today so decided that as I started I should take at least one picture for the update. Since it was getting dark as I started I thought what better than an Iowa sunset. Today was a strange weather day, very cold with highs in the low 40's, wind, and snow, rain, and sleet showers. But the skies did clear a bit later in the afternoon and I got started with stripping the metal from the roof of the machine shed. I took the picture below using a time lapse since I wasn't sure the flash would do me much good. This was taken from the edge of the east side of the roof looking up at the ridge. I have removed about a 3 foot wide strip of metal so that now I can get up on the wood strips and start working my way across the roof. Hopefully there will be a warmer day for this and of course getting an earlier start would help as well.

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