October 30, 2003

I got an early start today and decided that I needed a proper picture of the progress I made last night. As you can see I have about 3 feet of roofing removed in this picture. The metal material is about 2 foot wide and is nailed down with a spiral cut nail with a lead covered head. The process to remove the metal is simple, pull all the nails and then slide the piece off the roof. The cross pieces of lumber make it easy to climb around on the roof and luckily this building has been around long enough that the nails are, for the most part, easy to remove.

After about 2 hours of work I took the picture above. I didn't plan on stopping at this point but I was concerned that the day would get away from me with no picture. So since I needed to get down to get some warmer clothing and retrieve my hammer that I had dropped so took the time to snap a picture and pick up the material before moving on with more demolition. The picture below does show my progress when I decided to call it quits for the day. I still had daylight left but the cold temperatures had caused me some aches and pains so instead of pushing it further I decided to quit. I did inspect the west slope as I was working and am encouraged to see that there are a lot of missing nails so it should be easy to remove. The east slope I worked on today was very loose as well. In fact some of it had nails that had worked loose at least an inch. The rippled looking ridge in this picture is caused by the partial removal of the ridge cap.

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