October 3, 2004

Some days it is tough to find something to take a picture of for this update, so tonight the best I could do is show a picture of the old Sears table saw that I moved back to the old shop. I am going to try to sell it in our garage sale that is coming up so it needs to be where I can show it to potential buyers. I started the day by removing the upper cabinet in the old finish room and getting it moved down to the new shop. I had built that 12 foot long cabinet in place so I wasn't sure it could be removed and still be used. But it came out in great shape and although it was a tough move on the short trailer I did get it into the new shop. It will be the first project I work on once the old shop is down. I finished moving all the equipment and material out of the old shop before quitting today, and in the process filled the dumpster to the top again. I will be working on the garage sale preperations next so will not be having updates for a week or so.

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