October 9, 2004

It seemed like a long week away from the project, but now I'm back and want to get some work done. Today was all about pests and dirty work. Let me explain, the first picture above is of black walnuts that I found buried in the insulation between the old shop finish room ceiling and the attic space. What makes this note worthy is that I didn't know they were there and was pretty shocked to find that the mice had over run the attic space and carried these nuts from a storage bag in the attic all the way through the insulation to nests they had built. I'll bet there were 100 nuts in all and every one of them had been cleaned out by the mice leaving a huge mess behind. I should mention that I ripped into the old finish room as a project to work on while we were conducting a garage sale. I removed the electrical panel from the room and stripped out the devices before removing the sheet rock.

I mentioned that today was a day of pests, and by that I mean the Japaneese beetles (look like ladybugs) were back in full force and they swarmed the old shop as I had all the doors open for removal of refuse as I tore things apart. They were crawling on every surface and would drop off onto me making me crazy. But I kept at it until all the sheet rock and insulation had been removed from the old finish room and most of it from the loft or attic space. The picture above shows the old finish room and the location where the electrical panel was previously located. The final picture shows the pile of insulation that I removed today. Tomorrow I will move this pile down to the new shop and drag it into the attic there to fill in above the garage portion. I did not blow this are too heavy since I knew this pile of insulation would be available before winter.

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