October 10, 2004

I don't have a single picture of the biggest project of the day, moving the insulation from the old shop to the attic of the new shop. I got right at it first thing in the morning and it was noon before I finished the project. All I can do is try to paint a mental picture of the project. I loaded the trailer with the insulation and when I got down to the new shop I would take two pieces at a time up a ladder and stuff it through the crawl hole. It was a snug fit and this caused a lot of fiber glass fibers to float about, but I had a dust mask as well as a long sleeved shirt to prtect me from the itchy stuff. Once in the attic I used a 6 foot stick to move the insulation around to cover the previously blown-in insulation. I was able to cover the 4 inch layer of blown insulation with another foot of fiberglass, which is plenty to keep heat in the garage instead of the attic.

The final project of the day was removing the sheet rock from the west wall of the old shop garage area. Under it was the old wood overhead door that I used to fir the walls out over the 8" concrete block foundation. This project involved lots of beetles again as tghey had crawled into the cracks in the attic to get behind the old door. But many of them went to the fire pile with the door sections and the rest crawled into more crevices that will soon be exposed as I continue tearing the shop down.

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