October 16, 2004

The big story today was the wind and cold air. It was cloudy and temperatures did not rise above 39 degrees all day. On top of that the wind was gusty out of the NW at abour 25 MPH so it was a real cold one for work in a building with not doors. I started by hauling out all the scrap wood removed the last two days. I had trouble getting a fire lit because of the strong winds, and once lit the wood burned so quickly I had to restart it after an hour when I hauled the second load. Once I had the place cleared out I tore off the reminder of the attic floor and then tore the stairs apart. I finished up by removing all the sheet rock from the ceiling and the OSB from the partition between the garage and old finish room area. The final project was to remove the south walk-in door so that I would not damage it with the next part of the demolition.

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