October 23, 2004

After what seemed like a long week off the project I am anxious to get back at it. I had big plans for today but the weather did not cooperate so I had to alter my activities to suit the rain and mist that came down all day. I began by removing the remaining insulation from the west wall of the garage section along with the electrical wiring from the ceiling and walls. I pulled all the OSB off the soutn wall and tore out a bunch or framing and trim around the overhead door.

The next project was to remove the steel office door before ripping into the end wall of the old office. I removed all the OSB and framing material then moved on to removal of all the electrical equipment. I had killed all the power to the old office but had not taken the time to remove the wire, boxes, and fixtures. By the time I had things cleaned up the day was over. Tomorrow I am hoping for a dry day so I can start tearing the roofing off the front section of the old shop.

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