October 24, 2004

It seems like ages since we have had a sunny day, and as luck would have it today was an ideal day for working outside. We had a cloudless sky and a light breeze and other than the darn ladybug beetles being a nuisance it was the day I needed for getting started on the roof tear-off. I started at the peak and as soon as I opened it up the darn beetles started crawling and flying around. It took most of the day to get the shingles and tar paper torn off both sides of the roof. Sandy and I picked up all the mess and this will be the end of our use of the dumpster. I looked around the place to make sure everything was in the dumpster and that is when I remembered the old warm room window. This was a very large thermopane window and I decided since it was going in the dumpster I'd be just as well off to break it up to save the heavly load. As it turns out this window was made of two panes of quarter inch thinck glass, that explains why it was so heavy. I finished up the day by getting the last of the insulation removed from the old shop into the new shop attic. This was another tough hot job but now that it is done I can forget about it until the weather turns cold and I can work in the attic without suffering from the heat. The good news today is that I have a solid commitment from a neighbor that wants the old shop once I tear the front off. This is why I did not disturb the shingles on the original shop roof. This is going to save me a lot of tough work tearing the 24 foot by 28 foot shop.

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