October 30, 2004

We had a forecast of rain, cool temperatures and gusty winds 25 to 35 MPH, and the forecasters were correct. It didn't take long this morning to figure out that roof work was not something I should try right away. I did get onto the roof to check it out but came right back down when the wind caught me. So instead I went to work on the inside again. I began by hauling all the rotted wood from the finish room floor out to the fire pile. The I moved to the west side of the garage portion and removed the floor in this area. Like the office floor there was more rot than good wood, in fact I removed most of the floor with an aluminum grian scoop. The only thing that held it all together was the layer of plywood I had laid over the soft OSB a couple years ago.

When I ripped up the threshold of the walk in door I was greeted by thousands of Japanese Bettles that had crawled into the area for the winter. Needless to say they were forced to find somewhere else to reside as I made short work of this rotted mess. I was able to pull a wood deck that was in front of the door out in one piece and moved it behind the shop in the event that I can use it as part of my new shop west entrance.

After lucng I stripped out the remaining electrical circuits that need to ge before continuing the tear down. Since the shop is being moved I left the lighting and most of the outlets in place for the new owner. To finish up the day I broke up the cement outside the walk-in door. This was a heavy project but necessary before the ground freezes and makes the job more dificult. It is interesting to note that when I poured this cement about 9 years ago I laid heavy black plastic over the top of the existing broken concrete to prevent the new cement from cracking in the same places. This same plastic made removal much easier as the cement was not stuck down and I could raise it with a bar to make breaking it much easier.

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