October 31, 2004

The weather cleared up today and I got an early start with the sheathing removal. It was 39 degrees, cloudy, and a light breeze from the west so although it was not ideal conditions it was so much better than yesterday that I did not want to waste any of the day by waiting on the roof work. By noon I had the sheathing off and the clouds began to break up making it more comfortable to work. It took me the rest of the afternoon to remove the rafters on the west side and free up the bottom ends of the east side. I had planned on pushing the rafters over the south end of the building to get them down were they were easier to work on, but the framing was far to rigid to allow this so I worked slowly from a ladder on the outside of the wall. The ridge pole (marked with the arrow) would not come down as planned so I will need to get creative pulling the rest of it down and staying out of the way of falling material.

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