October 1, 2005

What a beautiful Indian Sumer day here in Mason City. The clear skies, light breeze and warm temperatures were perfect for completition of the retaining wall project. I really would have rather started the deck but I knew if I let myself get side tracked I might end up not getting the retaining wall completed before the weather turns bad. So I stayed with the retaining wall project, the first step being to get the first two rows set in place. It is a little tough getting this lower level set on a solid soil surface, level and straight. The picture above shows the completion of the first two rows of broken concrete pieces set in place. The project went quickly once these were in place. I finished up late in the afternoon by grading off the remaining soil and covering it with a couple inches of black dirt. The darn lady bugs were in full force today and they made it so miserable to be out that I gave up earlier than normal.

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