October 2, 2005

I finally have all the other projects out of the way so I could start building the shop deck. The picture above shows how I got started. I installed the end joist on the north, squaring it with the building. I used the joist hanger I installed a couple weeks ago on the shop side of the joist and a pressure treated 2 X 6 on the foundation side. The picture below shows the method I used to fasten the 2 X 6 in place. This piece is half of a joist hanger and I used concrete screws to anchor it to the footing after screwing it to the 2 X 6.

With the two joist in place to hold the support header in place I made quick work of the remaining joist. Then I used salvage decking material to construct the south side. I did not finish the west side as I wanted to get some decking screwed in place. The picture above shows the steps the land on the concrete patio I have been pouring. The picture below gives a nice look at the deck as it was when I finished up tonight.

The final picture tonight shows the method I am using to join the 12' decking on this nearly 18 foot long deck. Instead of joining them on a joist I am using a scrap piece of decking to screw them together. Using this method I can hold the screws away from the end, which prevents the ends from splitting and it reduces waste as I break up the joints in a random fashion.

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