October 5, 2005

The weather today had me worried about working. It was almost 70 degrees when I left for work and the humidity was off the scale. With a heavy overcast I just knew the forecasters would be right about rain today. We received about 3/8 of an inch and the temperatures dropped to the mid 40's by the time I got home. But I looked around the deck project and realized that the salvage decking was dry enough to cut to length and attach as skirting on the west side. The picture below shows the post I set for the hand rail at the corner of the deck and what will be a ramp. I wanted a ramp to the ground so that I can pull a wagon or wheel barrow up to the door to remove scrap wood from the shop.

With a wonderful sunset like this one I just couldn't resist sharing it on this update. If the air had not been so cold I would have remained out a little longer to enjoy the rich colors and dry air.

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