October 8, 2005

We had a pretty heavy layer of frost on the rooftops this morning and that sure seemed to help control the darn bugs that were really starting to be a problem. This morning I finished the decking on the ramp and then went to work on filling in the sides. I cut a trench below the sides so I could feed plastic under it later when I cover it wih rock. I applied two layers of stain to the sides and while I waited for it to dry between coats I built a rough sawn cover for the conduit and box used to feed the new storage building (I marked it with a red arrow since it is tough to see in the shadow of a tree). The final project was to construct the final section of the retaining wall and then cover the new area with river rock. You will also notice that I placed the old shop wood stove to set in this new space. I have been reluctant to throw the old stove out but wasn't sure where to put it. It may have found a new home.

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