October 16, 2005

This weekend was all about a house guest and with that in mind the work on the shop was on hold so we could entertain a 4 (soon to be 5) year old by the name of Levi. We had a wonderful time in the beautiful fall weather. But there was just a bit of work this morning while he was getting a does of Lego's and cartoons that are so important to getting ones day started. I took a single picture to represent the project that I accomplished today. I fabricated the trim to finish off the post cover bottoms and installed them. Then I applied the final coat of stain to the posts and two coats to the trim pieces. So this finishes the deck project and for the most part wraps up the exterior work on the shop for this year. I will suspend updates for a few weeks as I finish up some other home repair and outdoor fall clean-up projects. I should be back at work on the shop in early November and will begin updates at that time.

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