October 1, 2006

Today was a picture perfect fall day. The air was warm and it was breezy enough to keep us cool as we began the biggest concrete pour on the project so far. Since we are at the end of the season for good weather to pour concrete I wanted this poured all at once. Sandy helped me mix and pour this section, cutting the estimated time from 3 hours to 2 hours. I did not seam this section in the 4-foot sections as it was setting too fast to make good-looking seams. I will use a masonry saw to make the seams to match the pattern I have used on the rest of the patio.

With the concrete project setting up I moved back inside the shop to mount the new air compressor. The manufacturer called for vibration pads under the feet but did not provide them or advise what would be appropriate. They also call for it to be bolted to the base but not snugged down so that it can move a bit with the vibration. I cut pads for the three feet out of a piece of pick-up bed liner. This is a very tough rubber product that is about thick. I cut the pieces to size and used a spade bit to bore a 5/8 hole through them. I used a hammer drill to bore 5/8 holes in the concrete base and used lag insert anchors in the holes. I did not wire the unit, as I need to pick up the appropriate receptacle for this 3Hp 230-volt compressor.

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