September 2, 2003

I had trouble taking a picture of the shop project tonight with so much going on next door. Sandy told me over the phone that a very large crane had arrived and that the bin was being moved. She went out and took a couple pictures of the process and I must say that she really captured the size of the machine. Prior to moving the bin they removed the bottom ring and then added three rings to add more height. What was equally interesting is the crane as it packed itself up for the road. In the picture below you can see the 4-wheel outrigger that supports the boom. I noticed as he was pulling the truck out of the position it was in to lift the bin that it has 6-wheel drive, WOW, what a rig.

But enough of the neighbors project and on with mine. As I said I had a tough time taking a picture of the project work tonight. I changed my plans on what to work on tonight when Sandy told me that the neighbor offered to load me his forklift attachment for his tractor so I could raise the sheathing to the roof. So I worked on the south west part of the shop roof since it is the only place that the forklift will not do me any good.

So as I tried to keep an eye on the neighbors project and to get some work done myself I finished all the sheathing on this slope of the roof. This completes nearly half of the sheathing.

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