September 4, 2003

Yes, the shadows were long before I got a chance to take a picture of todays work. Of course with it getting dark sooner it does not mean I worked that late. I started out by getting the shingles unloaded from the lumber yard truck using the John Deere fork lift. I had a bit of trouble, as powerful as this machine is, a pallet load of shingles was too much for it to lift and then move. The weight on the extended fork lift caused the drive wheel to come off the ground just enough that it would back up. So we pulled off 6 bundles of shingles and it was enough to make it work. After unloading the shingles I cut all the rafter tails off on the north side and then framed the overhang on the west gable. Then it was time to use the tractor to raise the sheathing up to the roof edge and get the first row of sheathing nailed down all the way across. I did leave off the last piece so I could get some framing done on the east gable.

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