September 7, 2003

My goal when I quit work on Saturday was to start right where I had finished, namely to finish the fascia. But I have been anxious to get some shingles on so I decided to start on the hardest portion and get it out of the way. This is the SW slope over the shop area. I worked on some plywood backing for the flashing I would be installing and then loaded the tractor and headed for the roof. The forklift is in its highest position as you see it above, I simply raise it, pull up to the roof, and then angle the pallet down to meet the roof. It makes a great work platform, I loaded nails and tarpaper on it as well.

The temperature was back into the high 80's again, sultry, and no wind. So it was pretty hot on the roof and I had to be real careful not to mar the shingles when they got soft in the sun. As nice as the tractor made it there was still a need to get the shingles from the eave above the garage door over to the west end. This required carrying them up the entire slope of the roof, over the top, and then a couple feet back down.

The image above shows the flashing I mentioned earlier. The flashing, known as tin shingles, is applied over the top of each row and then is covered by the next shingle. The plywood backing does not show above the flashing but will provide nailing for the siding that will cover the flashing. I finished up this area about 5:00 PM and decided to give it up for the day. This section was about 4 square of shingles, this leaves 16 sqaure to go!

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