September 11, 2003

Strong winds continued this afternoon and the threat of rain. I started my project tonight by removing the powered roof vent from the old shop. This unit has worked very well to cool off the old shop in the summers and although it won't be used that much in the new shop I want to make use of it. This roof is much steeper than the new shop so I was a bit careful about climbing around on it in the wind. Luckily I had the original cut-out for this opening and as you can see I fit it back into the hole with a couple strips below to hold it in place.

While I was on the roof I removed the weather vane that has been a fixture of the old shop since we added onto it when we first moved here. Notice the flag on the house, the wind was stronger tonight than last night.

My next project was to finish the fascia on the center gable and although I planned to take a picture of it the rain kept me from documenting it. I did get 1-1/3 square nailed on and two of the three plastic vents finished before the rain came. I quicly got the third vent neiled down but did not get the shingles finished around it before the down pour started. In fact the rain came so fast that I was unable to make it to the ladder before the roof was too slick to be safe. So I ducked under the open center gable and climbed down on the trusses. Luckily Sandy was down below to set up a ladder so I could get down safely. This last picture was taken from the cab of the tractor.

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