September 12, 2003

We had about a half inch of rain last night that didn't hurt any of the building project but sure did give us some much needed rain. It also sparked a change in the weather by cooling things off. I went right to work where I left off last night with the shingles on the north side. The picture above shows the completed north side as well as the fascia that I was going to include in last nights update. As a note, this was also a picture of my escape route during the rain. I hope to have this area sided by the end of the weekend.

My next project was to complete the last of the fascia on this same gable and along the the south side above the office window. I also installed the metal roof edge so I can begin shingling in the morning.

I ran out of time before I got too far along, but I was able to get the shingles started so that Saturday morning I can start with shingles on the roof.

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