September 14, 2003

Today the weather was as good as it gets for this sort of project. It was cool and enough clouds to keep the sun from becoming a problem. The first project was to paint the weather vane that I took off the old shop and then I sided the east gable. I then moved onto the west gable.

I took a little time while on the west side to knock together a temporary step outside the west door. I used an old pallet that was sturdy, elevated it wih a couple redwood 4 X 4's that were removed from the old house deck 8 years ago, and covered it with some junky OSB that is destined for the burn pile. Later in the afternoon we took a little time to hang the door to try to reduce the wind inside the shop. Sandy was trying to clean up the blown in leaves and the wind was making it real tough.

Sandy worked most of the afternoon on cleaning up the shop. It was a pretty sizable job with all the scrap wood and the leaves blown in. She also restacked the good material and got it organized for me.

I did get some siding on the center gable but ran out of time and energy so I shifted gears and installed the weather vane I had painted early in the day. The picture below shows it installed but does not show you that it is painted a bright cardinal red color.

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