September 15, 2003

Tonight I finished up the remaining siding on the center gable. This siding required some very careful cutting to get it to follow the upper and lower roof lines. The bottom will get a cedar strip nailed and caulked in place and the batts will set on top of it. I also installed the narrow strip of soffit (doesn't show in the shadow) on this gable. I also cut and installed the first piece of soffit on the south side over the garage door. While I was on the roof I snapped another picture of the weather vane to try to capture the red color we painted it but I confess digital cameras simply don't see what my eye does. But it does show the mounting detail very well.

I also spent some time getting material ordered and checking out my supplies for the electrical service. We are still running on the temporary service and it is time to get the permanent service installed so I can get some temporary lighting installed.

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