September 28, 2003

The picture above sums up the progress today, but the amount of work it took to get here turned into an entire day. I started by removing the overhead door on the old shop and moving it down to the new shop and then I removed the door I put up yesterday and moved it to the old shop. It took nearly a half day to get the door reassembled on the old shop as there was the garage door opener to mess with. When I had completed the old shop door I moved back down to the new shop and installed the rough sawn jamb material around the overhead door. I took a break on working on the door long enough to get some stain applied to the fascia on this section of the building along with staining the casing around the south and west doors. I then finished the casing around the overhead door before mocing on to the door itself. It took the rest of the day to finish installing the overhead door. I also got the salvaged combination door installed that has been stored in the loft above the old ship. So at this point I can offer another TA DAA!!!! The shop is weather tight and secure with all doors and windows working properly.

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