September 1, 2004

WOW!! I have heat in the shop!! Yes it was a very warm day here in north central Iowa, but the heat I have is the furnace that is not ready for winter. I leak checked the gas line and was fortunate not to have any leaks at any of the joints. I installed the thermostat you see in the picture below and then went about retro-fitting the furnace for LP gas. This required the removal of the burner unit and the gas regulator and installing new burner jets (marked with the blue arrows). This came out as one unit and I was able to reinstall it within a few minutes. I installed the thermostat wire, marked with the green arrow that has been coiled up against the wall. The red arrow marks the power for the furnace. I decided to use a three wire cord with an molded on end to supply the power. This will provide a means of disconnecting the power without going to the electrical panel. I was very excited to test the furnace and have it fire right up.

The rest of my time was involved with insulating and hanging sheet rock on the west wall. The picture is pretty poor, the sun shining through the windows really fools the camera and a fill flash didn't help much. But as you can see there are just a few pieces left to install to make the wall complete. The final project was to move the remaining sheetrock from the north wall to the newly covered west wall so I can start on the north wall.

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