September 5, 2004

As mentioned in yesterdays update my first project of the day today was some floor cleaning. I had another pile of wood scraps making it difficult to walk around the new shop, and the same was true in the old shop. So I hooked up the trailer and made about 5 trips to the fire pile with all sorts of wood scraps that I have held onto far to long. In between making trips to the fire pile I started fabricating the trim for the office door on the shop side. This was a bit of a challange since this door was designed as an exterior door and I needed to find a way to make the 1-1/8" extension of the door jamb look like an interior door. In the picture above you can see the fabricated side casing that involves a lip on the side casing allowing it to contact the jamb while the other side of the casing extends to the wall. The picture below shows the top casing detail. I used 6 pieces of wood to fabricate the head piece.

The picture below shows the finished project. Other than the fact that the casing is thicker, it duplicates the casing on the other side of the door. This trim, along with all the trim in the shop, will be painted once I get things moved in and finished up.

The other project I worked on today was installing a trim piece along the ceiling. Since I am not taping the ceiling joints I need to seal the joint before blowing insulation. This trim can be seen in the picture below. This picture also shows the enclosure I started constructing for my ventilation system. This is above the west door and will house the salvaged furnace blower that I have used to move air on several projects. The plan is still pretty fluid, but for the most part will involve using air filters on the incoming air and some sort of duct work to move the air towards the middle of the shop. This will help clean airborn dust out and provide some much needed air circulation.

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