September 11, 2004

We are back from a short fishing trip and now it is time to get back to work. Today there wasn't much to take a picture of since insulating the ceiling was our primary goal. So We start with a picture of the 70 bags of blowing cellulose as they were stacked in the garage of the new shop by the lumber yard. I marked the blower itself with a red arrow. I set up for the project by attaching the large hose to the blower and connecting the aggitator cord to one circuit and the blower cord to another. Sandy helped by opening the bags and dumping them into the blower while I was in the attic with a seperate control for the blower and the business end of the blower hose. The real story today is the blower itself. We had five bags blown when I heard the blower kick off. When I got down to investigate I thought I'd find an overload on the unit or a breaker tripped. Niether was the case. After waiting for over an hour to see if the unit had a thermal overload on it I removed the front of the control panel to find a fuse holder burnt off at the end of the wire. I had to rewire the thing to make it work but got back to blowing without another mishap. The picture below shows the remaining 13 bags that we did not use. We were both so worn out after the clean-up that we called it a day. But we are both pleased that the shop is now ready for winter and we can start moving in after a thourough cleaning.

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