September 12, 2004

Today I finished the construction of the shop ventilator. This rather awkward looking enclosure houses a large furnace blower and when I finished it was pleased that it fills the shop with moving air, a real plus on a hot day like this warm September day. The fan is mounted to the front of the enclosure and is removable in the event maintenance is needed. I cut two return air holes in the sides and made frames for air filters to help remove the dust in the air. I had to stop work on the project when it was discovered that our hot water heater in the house had failed and needed my attention. I discovered that the thermocouple had failed and since I had never replaced on took plenty of time to replace it so as not to mess it up. Once back on the project I sorted all the scrap wood and once I had removed most of it to the fire pile. My final project was to begin construction of the sheet goods storage area. This will be an area to stand 8 foot sheets of plywood and will have a seperator down the middle (red line) to allow for double storage for shorter pieces of plywood. This storage area is something I have needed for a long time. The solid wall will protect the plywood from discoloring in the sunlight. The bonus here is that I used up sheet rock scraps from the ceiling project that were destined for the dumpster. So not only did I save on buying new material but did not need to pay to have these hauled to the dump.

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