September 15, 2004

The weather worked against me again tonight when it came to moving my sheet goods from the old shop to the new one. This time it wasn't rain, but wind. We had nearly 5 inches of rain last night and then a high pressure system pushed the rain out and gave us gusty winds and cool temperatures. So instead of fighting the wind and large peices of plywood I decided to start work on the solid wood rack that is also necessary for moving material to the new shop. I began by installing the 1/4" plywood batts over the seams on the south wall. Then I cut up more metal framing and lagged the pieces to the south wall between the standing wood storage area nad the window. There will be a total of three rack levels with a maximum storage length of 14 feet. The top rack sticks out 20 inches but I will keep the next two at about 12 inches to prevent the machines below from being too much in the shadow of the wood.

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