September 18, 2004

I shifted gears today by going back to finishing up the lighting in the new shop. I started by hanging this 4 foot vapor tight fixture above the shop door to add a little light to the top of the ramp. Then I moved to the shop itself and hung 8 eight foot fixtures and two four foot fixtures. This took most of the day since I had to convert all the fixtures to the new T-8 lamps system that gives more light for less money. It is also able to light as low as zero degrees so I should not have any trouble lighting the shop with the temperature set to the overnight low of 40 to 45 degrees. The arrow points to the last remaining 300 watt light bulb where I will mount two high output type fixtures. This will give me extra light over the tablesaw where I need it the most. I finished up the day loading my lumber racks with hardwood, but failed to get a picture so will do that tomorrow night. The picture below shows all the fixtures in place but makes the shop look dark, which it is not. The lighting layout turned out great with very even light through out.

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