September 19, 2004

Today started out as a shop cleaning day. I wanted to get the new shop cleaned out before trying to move anything more in so I started in the SW corner by the shop and swept the entire thing. I stacked or threw out anything that was in the way so that when I finished the entire floor area was clear. It took most of the morning to get it cleaned. Before quitting for lunch I moved all the sheet goods down from the old shop and got them stacked in the new storage area. After lunch I hauled a major load of scrap wood from the old shop down to the fire pile and got it burning. The pile of wood was over 6 foot high and bigger than a full size car when I was done hauling wood. I was worn out from hauling all the wood and was looking for an excuse to quit for the day and thought by cleaning up the collection of material I had squirreled away I would kill enough time to be able to quit.

What I didn't count on was that as soon as I had cleared all the scrap wood out of the old shop it started to look like moving day. So instead of quitting early I began the move by hauling the drill press and its stand down to the new shop. I immediately followed with the shaper and the saw horses to set up temporary tables for all the tools I will be bringing down. Then the last thing to haul was the jig saw. I was pretty wooped by the time I got this much moved and it was after 6:00 PM so it was time to quit.

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