September 22, 2004

Instead of showing pictures of the new shop with piles of tools and material I will show a before and after shot of the old shop tonight. Actually my before shot came after I had a good start on the project. The cabinets on the north wall of the old shop were full of electrical and other building hardware and most of it went in a box that overflowed onto the floor (see the red arrow). This is destined for the dumptster that will arrive tomorrow. I pulled the cabinets down and hauled them to the fire pile along with more scrap wood. The good material was packed into boxes and I hauled it to the new shop. I also worked on getting the majority of the small hand power tools hauled to the new shop as well. I will be happy to see the dumptster show up so that I can get the floor cleaned up, it is getting tough to walk for all the discarded items along with the piles of saw dust.

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