September 26, 2004

I don't have much to report today except another day of sorting and moving from the old shop to the new. I did take a picture when I moved the old wood stove out of its spot. I moved it down to the cement in front of the new shop for now and will decide later what to do with it. We have benn considering setting it up on the patio that will be in front of the shop to use occasionally but have not really decided now. I also moved the cedar post that I built last spring to house the landscape lighting transformer. Instead of moving it to the shop to set all winter I dug a hole and set it where it will be. I did not lead any wire to it but it is all set when I take time to complete it. I pointed out the access door for the transformer, which fits flush with the post. I still have plenty of things to move to the new shop, but am making good headway on this part of the project.

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