September 1, 2005

Tonight was perfect weather for pouring concrete. We had cool dry air and a brisk breeze to help the concrete set. The only drawback was that the leaves are falling from the hybird poplar trees and picking them off the wet cement gets a little old. But the pouring went well and although the concrete didn't set as fast as I had hoped, it turned out nicely as the sun set. While I waited for the concrete to set I worked on the new flower garden area to remove the rocks. I used the garden tiller to break them loose and then moved the trashy fill around to the edges of the old machine shed floor. I will use this fill to taper the surrounding lawn to meet the old concrete. Our plan is to build a raised bed garden over portions of the concrete, and since the garden needs to be deep enough to maintain plant growth we don't want the nearly foot drop-off between the current concrete and surrounding lawn.

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