September 4, 2005

The weather forecaster warned us that we might get a little rain overnight, and we certainly did. There was 3/4" rain in the gauge this morning and standing puddles of water everywhere. The skies looked like it might open up and rain again, but since the forecasters told us it would be a nice day I went right to work on the final patio section along the side of the shop. This was a 7 foot section, not quite double what I had previously poured. The air was heavy with humidity so it was slow setting, and since the ground was soaked where I had been clearing rock I decided to begin work on the next concrete forms. The plan is to pour an arched shaped walk around the flower garden edgers previously set. I used my 1/4" plywood strips to laminate a form and screwed it to the solid concrete retaining wall blocks we had left from another project. I placed the blocks and forms so that they formed a 4' wide area and then filled rock/snad mix to hold everything in place.

The forms held nicely with the rock/sand mix in place and the end closed with a 2 X 4 form. I filled the inside arch with rock/sand mix as they seemed to want to move a bit when I tested them with the screed board. This segment is 8 foot long on the outside curve and a little over 4 foot on the inside curve. I will move the form tomorrow to form another segment and clear the way for another section to be poured between the curved piece poured today and the straight section poured against the building.

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