September 7, 2005

My day work took me away from the project last night, don't you just hate when that happens? But tonight I got back to work on the concrete forms. I removed the slip form on the curved section and moved it around to complete the curve where it ends in what will be a flower garden. I used black plastic to cover the concrete at the east end of the walk since the form rests directly on the old concrete. I filled the rest of the form area with rock/sand mix and the only thing that remains is the re-rod. I also constructed another slip form to start the second row of straight sections of the patio. I am using a 4 foot grid pattern with staggared seams to add a bit of a decroative pattern once the patio is finished. Since the slip form worked so well on the curved section I thought I'd do the same here and save some time forming the concrete.

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