September 8, 2005

This morning as I drove to work I noticed a very black horizon to the west, and by the time I arrived at work the lightening had started. We had about 1-1/2" of rain this morning, but by afternoon the skies had cleared a bit. Unfortunately it did not dry things out enough to allow me to work on any of my outdoor projects. So instead of working on the projects I took time to repair the wheel barrow. I purchased this when we moved here and it has hauled tons of material, or so it seems. Most all of the material was moved with the broken handle shown in the foreground. I patched the handle with a strip of solid oak but as I would lift a heavy load I could feel the handle flex. So today I picked up a new set of handles, and although they were for a different wheel barrow I was able to redrill the holes so they fit mine. Now I don't need to fear the handle breaking while I have a full load of concrete.

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