September 18, 2005

I had big plans for today that did not come to pass. I planned pouring the patio section you see above and then starting work on the shop deck. But the weather didn't cooperate. We had one of those very hot and humid days without a breath of breeze, and to top that off the flies were horrible. So instead of strating on the deck while this section set up I went to work on the flower garden that I had started tilling a couple weeks ago. This project wasn't any cooler, but it was one of those that allowed a lot of breaks to cool off and not a lot of tools to drag out. I finished digging all the dirt and rock out of the garden area and then moved about 4 trailer loads of black dirt into place. The red bird bath you see is a left over one we had purchased 10 years ago. It was badly weathered so we painted it red with the new Krylon Fushion paint that is designed for plastic. We are planning on using this as a stand for a small concrete garden sculpture. I have a lot more dirt to move into the garden area but am thinking I will see if I can beg a favor from the neighbor to use his end loader to move the dirt.

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