September 19, 2005

The weather is the big story today. We had a severe thunderstorm lastnight and you can see by the puddle where the garden is supposed to be that the rain was pretty heavy. We received 2 inches total and our wireless Internet providor's tower was hit by lightening so at this time we still don't have an Internet connection. So this update may actually be uploaded tomorrow. I got a late start tonight and didn't get much done except to form up the next patio section. You will note that it has black plastic on the surface, the same as the previous section. This is because the depth of the form is now down to 3-1/2" so gravel would thin the concrete. The right side of this section as viewed from this perspective is the low point in the patio. I also used some landscape blocks at the end of the downspout to try to divert the water coming off the roof to prevent any furter erosion in the new flower garden. I will correct this with a new elbow to aim the water to the west in the direction of the fall in the concrete.

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